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"Believe every great thing you hear or read about Angel!

She is a sweetheart, knows what she is doing and you will actually have fun while getting your reading done. She is the kind of person I would love to have as a friend. Super cool, artistic, straight forward and does not sugarcoat things to you. We had good laughs in between. You are in for a treat if you go! 

As far as her readings go, excellent in every aspect. She truly takes the time to explain things in detail and gives suggestions on how you could improve the quality of your life based on the charts. She listens, explains and makes sure you understand. Angel makes astrology seem so easy and fun. 

I learned a lot, I will thank her each time I can! She might be an angel!"


- Ela R.

New York, NY


"I've been to Angel three times...and I will continue to go back! She's absolutely fabulous. Her mind is insightful, helpful and hilarious. 

I understand an astrology reading is not for everyone and the first time I went to her I wasn't sure what to expect, all I know is that I was in a cloudy and confusing time in my life and after the reading I had a much clearer focus on my path. She's very accommodating and reasonably priced for her services. She's pleasant and warm, but doesn't sugar coat anything. She say's things directly, straight to the point. 

She also has great relevant stories. And did I mention she's hilarious? If I could I'd see her everyday! 

Taking the time to learn a little bit more about yourself to gain more insight and even discover new hidden potential is just great in my book, the fact that I can do it with Angel makes it even more fun and fabulous."


- Mar M.

New York, NY


"Don't waste your time reading my review and call her.

Totally refreshing experience. i'm going through a difficult moment in my life with lots of uncertainties . I've had my astral reading done by Angel because i need to find myself again, remember myself about my true essence. 

She's a very charming and charismatic person, makes you feel like you're her friend since minute 0. It's an intimate environment and you feel comfortable enough to be yourself with no restrictions. She's also very funny. 

I tend to be skeptical and i've never done anything like that before, so i believe my opinion is pretty objective. I'm glad i gave it a shot and, yes, i might visit her again!"


- Pilar T.

Brooklyn, NY

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